After instructing the German language for two years, I and a group of young dynamic born to be teachers have identified, how to overcome the barrier of learning the German language. The third year gave birth to Alphonsa Language Academy. Making learning interesting was not an easy task. Many days of research and sleepless nights made us create a fabulous curriculum. It is designed in such a way that each student who enrolls with us gets special attention and nobody leaves the classroom with a single trace of doubt.

The first thing our clients notice is surprisingly the willingness of our committed and dedicated teachers in training them. Many of our teachers are currently residing in Germany, which assures the fact that we emphasize quality. Our target group is students, who would like to pursue further studies in Germany, who already reside in Germany, medical professionals who seek a career in Germany. Come join us and be a part of our new online learning community.


Tomy Santhosh
( Direktor / Lehrer )

MBA.IMRE TU-Bergakademie Freiberg, Germany
B.E Mechanical Anna University, Tamilnadu. India


It’s with immense pleasure I welcome you to AFLA. Learning a new language requires dedication and skill. Here you will see a door wide open for you to walk through and make learning German as easy as possible. With a strong base in the language, our faculty will help you make your dream come true.

Our mission is to master a foreign language by building a passion for it. And we are determined to reach that goal with high set standards in the field of foreign language training. The performance and results of our students will prove how good we are at guiding you. AFLA not only focuses on German-language training but also on strengthening and guiding you at every level of your dream journey.

Our courses are the best provided – German, (English), & (French). Joining hands with us would benefit you with a lifelong bond. Only you can work towards achieving your goals but let us guide and polish you so that you will shine upon all odds in the path of life.